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Department of Endocrinology
Rigshospital – Copenhagen University Hospital

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Rigshospitalet & University of Copenhagen, Director, CHIP – Centre of Excellence for Health, Immunity and Infections

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Outcomes Research, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, USA


Department of Cardiology, University of Copenhagen

Currently, Dr. Biering-Sørensen is an Associate Professor and a the Director of Cardiac Imaging. He mentor several medical- and PhD students in several aspects of clinical research in cardiovascular imaging. His group is trying to assess how we can improve the usability of cardiovascular imaging in clinical practice. Dr. Biering-Sørensens research focus is to diagnose early cardiac impairment in participants without known cardiovascular disease to prevent future cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. However, he also focus on how we can improve the usability of cardiovascular imaging in patients who already suffer of cardiac disease. Hence, Dr. Biering-Sørensens research topic is within the topic of how we can improve cardiac imaging for diagnostic and prognostic purposes. Dr. Biering-Søresen is also doing research in heart failure and how infections affects cardiovascular outcomes. He is currently conducting pragmatic randomized trials using the nation wide Scandinavian registries.


Herlev-Gentofte Hospital and Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen


Professor of Clinical biochemistry and Translational bone biology

Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Centre of Diagnostic Investigation