Jens-Ulrik Jensen - Coordinator and Contact person for the Steering Committee, MD, PhD

DR. JENSEN, MD, PhD is coordinator and co-founder of COP:TRIN. Dr. Jensen has a background in sepsis, respiratory failure and biomarker research within pathophysiology of infections, coagulation and endothelial dysfunction and has initiated and lead several multicenter randomized controlled trials in intensive care  units across Europe and USA. He is the Study Director of the Cooling And Surviving Septic shock trial. He is currently supervisor of 4 PhD´s and is supervisor of 3 planned COP:TRIN PhD´s. Dr. Jensen has been awarded the 2013 Hellsing prize from the Nordic Society for Clinical Biochemistry for his work. International collaborators include the Outcomes Research at Cleveland Clinic, Ohio, USA and ICU research at the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) in Amsterdam.

Mia Moberg - Co-founder of COP:TRIN, MD, PhD

Mia Moberg is co-founder of COP:TRIN. She has done research on COPD—specifically the predictive value of vitamin D deficiency in patients with COPD.